Friend’s Dining Room Table Redo

Hey Guys!

I am so excited to show you this piece that I refinished for my best friend since elementary school!!! We were out to lunch one day and she was saying how she wanted to get a new dining room table, and I said “well hey, why don’t I make you one?” Well a few weeks later, this turned up at my door!


I was very nervous. I haven’t really done much for others, but I am determined to get a little side business going of refinishing/making furniture, so I had to get over my fear somehow! Why not start with your best friend who can’t be mad at you if ya mess up? Ha!

Her lovely boyfriend brought me the table disassembled. The top was disconnected from the bottom so I could work on it more easily. The part that I wanted to get perfect, was to make it exactly how THEY wanted it, and not how I wanted it. As you know from most of my posts, I paint EVERYTHING a light “rustic shabby chic” look. But they were going for a more mature classy look. I think (hope) I pulled it off for them!

I first started by sanding the top of the table real well. ImageImage

After getting it sanded down to its bare bones, I wiped it with a clean/damp cloth to get all the dust off. 

Then I started staining …..and staining….and staining….ImageImage ImageThey wanted it to match the trim of their dining room which is a dark stain. So I decided to use dark walnut. I applied about 8 coats!!!!! I have never applied that much stain to a piece, but again, I like everything light. I must say I was LOVING the classy dark look of the top! Very Pottery Barn like. *TIP** Remember to wipe after a few minutes after each stain has been applied with a clean lint free cloth** 

Let the stain dry for a good 24 hours and then apply the top coat. They wanted that “shiny” look for the top of the table. This also helps protect the top of the table. I applied two coats of clear gloss polyurethane. The only part I did not do, was sand in between each coat of polyurethane which many people recommend. I believe this gets the some what “rough” feeling off the top and makes it feel Super smooth. I tested out sanding but felt it wasleaving little marks, so decided against it. 

Next I painted the bottom piece and the piece that hangs off the top a glossy black. ImageImageImage

I then tested my polyurethane spray (like spray paint). I hated it. I feel like it left streaks and runs. But it did it’s job. I wanted to have some polyurethane on the bottom for when people kick it by accident, I don’t want it chipping for them.

I think the table came out how they wanted. (I hope at least). Now, I want to paint a piece dark for my house, because it looks so classy! 


They also asked me to paint an old little dresser she had found at the curb. Image She wanted it to look like my shabby chic style. I painted it a very light beige (3 coats-to cover the dark blue). I sprayed the hardware gold. I couldn’t distress it because the piece was made out of old plywood (very junky-ha ha). But it came out super cute and perfect for a little bar for them! Gotta’ love free stuff from the curb-a coat of paint changes ANYTHING! *I really wanted to do a stencil to the top, but they wanted it plain for now. Dang. Hehe.


Hope you guys enjoy the pieces as much as I enjoyed doing them for my best friend!


Amanda Andy


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DIY Farm Desk

Hey Guys!

For those of you in Jerz, hope you enjoyed this beautiful weekend! I have been getting so many projects done outside with this gorgeous weather that’s finally here! (I hope it stays)!  This is what my weekend consisted of:Image

Top soil, top soil, and more top soil. We are trying to grow grass!! I am so nervous about it not working I have been obsessing over it all weekend! But with the rain coming this week (yay to helping me water it!!) I think it’ll work! Late last fall we ripped ALL the ivy out of the half of the front lawn it consumed and all the huge awful ugly bushes from the landscape. So now we have all dirt and a 1/3 of grass. I feel like we have been that ghetto house on the beautiful block, and hopefully soon we’ll be outshining all the others 😉 ha ha. Just Kididng. So with that and painting our house (I’m telling you, I don’t stop!) I have gotten a few projects done. I have finished a few pieces of furniture these past two weeks, but haven’t gotten the chance to blog about them, so I’m excited to share this piece with you!

Now that we are moved upstairs (!!!!!) Ed is going to have his very own office. I have big plans for it but I am not in the mood to paint, I want to get the outdoors ready for summer, so the painting will be on hold. Ed works from home and has to study a lot so he wanted a very spacious desk. I am into the “rustic shabby chic barn look” so I decided to try making him a desk. I love how it turned out and so does he!

I grabbed 5 6ft long 4in wide wood planks from lowes. I measured the length/width of what I wanted the desk to be= 5 wood planks in width and 5ft in length. I cut them to size with a circular saw.Image

I then put 3 coats of my favorite stain on them with an old rag. Remember after each coat of stain wait 5 minutes then wipe the excess off with a clean clothe and re stain. If you want it darker you just keep applying coats. Image After the stain was dry (24 hours) I applied polyurethane to make the top nice and shiny and sturdy for work to be done on it! I love how this polyurethane came out-it added just the right amount of shinyness! I applied it with a bristle brush and only put one coat on.  Then I let it dry-only about 2 hours and then I attached all the pieces of wood together. I played around with arranging them to prevent the least amount of gap between each piece. But it is wood, so it is a little warped and definitely not perfect so they won’t sit perfectly snug next to each other, but I like this. It adds to the rustic charm of the desk! I used some old pallets I had to attach the wood. Flip the wood upside down and nail or screw in the pallets upside down, but making sure the screws/nails aren’t too long where they’ll go through all the wood and show on the top! Image


I had an old filing cabinet that I wanted to use on one side of the desk for the “legs”. I would have loved to just put 4 legs, but that’d mean hubby’s papers are all over the place, and that just wouldn’t work with my OCD. We had a two drawer old black filing cabinet that I figured would be perfect to also organize all those papers that are scattered everywhere. ImageI took off the hardware-sprayed that gold. I then sprayed the whole cabinet with white spray paint. It needed about 3 coats. Image

Ed’s 6ft 3in tall so the filing cabinet wouldn’t add enough height for his long legs to be under and plus he wants to use his ugly old computer chair (which I will be refinishing, stay tuned!), so that’ll add more height to him as well. So I had to get creative. I measured the height of how tall he wanted the table to be and compared that to the height of the filing cabinet. The amount I needed extra for the cabinet, I went to lowes and checked out their legs. They sell all sizes. I bought 4 little ones to put on the bottom of the filing cabinet to make it the correct height. I also bought two legs in the correct height for the other side. Sprayed them all white.ImageHow I attached the mini legs to the file cabinet was that I put holes in the bottom using a brad point bit (you can use a general purpose bit but I attempted with this and ours are all faded so I switched to the brad point because it’s super pointy/sharp). The holes were just the right size so that the screws that come in the mini legs went right into the holes and sat snug! It’s not 100% secure but we aren’t going to be moving the desk once it’s all set up!

Next I had to add the longer legs to the other side. These did not come with screws to easily add them to the table. So I had to figure out how I was going to attach them to the table and make sure that they aren’t wobbly!!! I first attempted to screw them in at an angle. ImageThey were very wobbly. So then after asking Ed what he thought, we came up with using L brackets that we happened to have extra of. We screwed those in and it helped secure them more to the desk so that they weren’t wobbly.ImageImage(sorry for blurry pic).

Now the desk was all ready to be brought inside!!!!! Image

ImageImageImageImage ImageImageImageImage


Amanda Andy


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Refinished Bedside table and crystal lamp

Hey Guys!

Because of this cold weather that won’t seem to go away, I have had to choose projects that can be painted inside! So because I’m starting to decorate my master room (I am trying to do it slow and the way I want!), I decided to refinish my old bedside table. I wanted to keep it because it has two drawers, and until my walk in closet is ready, I’ll need all the storage I can get :)! So instead of buying a new table (who does that?) I checked out all my handy paint samples I have. I decided that I didn’t want to distress it like the other dresser I did. I chose a light yellow (basically off white/light beige) and a dark grey. I originally painted the drawer fronts this pale blue, but it looked awful so I changed it to the dark grey-which came out light grey, but I like it. (Sorry I got excited and started before I remembered to take a before pic, so it’s a halfway through pic!)


I didn’t prep the piece at all! I removed the hardware and then gave it three good coats. I am going to slap a coat of polyurethane on the top so that it doesn’t get all banged up. I put two crystal knobs on the top drawer (the last of my knobs that I had ordered on amazon) and sprayed the bottom hardware piece in silver. Carried it upstairs and it’s all set! Took me one day! 


After I took these pic’s, I decided to finish the lamps that I had bought a month ago at my favorite consignment shop (where else?). I had been eyeing some crystal lamps at the stores that were going for $75-150. I obviously wasn’t going to spend that and decided to search for one from the consignment shops. I personally think everything’s way better when it’s old, used and abused! I found two great old school crystal lamps for $15 and $9. I have been debating on how to finish them and decided to paint the bases a coral. I originally didn’t want too much color in my master, but a few pops of coral (to match the teal in the headboard I made) is just right! **I am debating changing the headboard fabric to a navy-what do you guys think!?** I grabbed a sample size of coral from lowes (and there’s plenty extra in case I want to paint some picture frames with it, yay) and painted the bases. I think I am going to stencil a fun pattern in coral on a white shade, but for now I grabbed an extra shade I have and put that on it!  I rushed this because I wanted a lamp to be ready for tonight so it’s still drying, but now on a piece of paper on my new side table. I’ll go to bed a happy gal :). 


Have a great weekend (I’ll be working-life of a nurse!)


Amanda Andy

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Distressed Mint/Beige Dresser

Hey Guys!
I am BACK! The upstairs reno is 95% FINISHED! WOO! So I will be back blogging about all my latest projects, because now I actually have the time to do the projects that have been on hold for the past 4 months :)! We are transitioning into the master bedroom upstairs, so I have been tackling the pieces I’ve been storing away in the basement and garage. Yay! Stay tuned for the upstairs reveal & some tips on how to do wainscoting. 

This fun dresser I originally bought for my bathroom reno. (I am making my own sink vanity). I have since then found the perfect piece for my vanity so this one is going to be used to store towels and such in the hallway. (Since I ripped our hallway closet down, whoops!) It was from a consignment shop for $35! I unfortunately don’t have a before picture, but it was originally black. I wanted to try out this metallic silver paint (Martha Stewart brand) so I first painted it with that and let it hang out in the house for awhile, but I wasn’t loving it. It was just silver and didn’t look like the faux “silver leaf” look that I was going for. Oh well. So I painted it again and I LOVE how it tuned out. Here’s a pic of it when I tried the silver paint. ImageImageImageImage I didn’t even get around to putting hardware on it. I just wasn’t feeling the look! But if you’re into it, the paint is metallic silver by martha stewart found at Home Depot.

I removed the drawers and painted the piece a light beige (off white) that I had a sample of. This is my new thing. I am using ALL my sample paints to refinish furniture. I probably have about $100 worth of paint samples because of the upstairs, and they are the PERFECT amount for a small-medium size piece of furniture. So, **TIP** if you’re not painting too large of a piece, just buy a sample size in the paint color you want. It’s only $3 at Lowes for a sample paint. It will give you at least 3 coats!

I painted the drawer fronts a mint color that I had a sample of. I LOVE how the color combo came out. It’s very light and airy (my favorite phrase for decorating a house). I put about three quick coats on all of it. I don’t like using foam brushes, I use bristle brushes, but that’s a total preference thing. **TIP** Always wash your brush out at the end of a project, otherwise it’ll get stiff and if you put it in a bag to keep it moist, the paint gets clumpy on the brush.

At the end of the day after I felt the dresser was good and dry (and because I don’t have patience to wait 24 hours), I took 60grit sandpaper and lightly sanded the edges down until I got to the original wood. I found these great crystal knobs on amazon that I put on in replacement of the plain knobs it came with.

It’s funny because I had bought all the materials to make DIY Chalk paint and then I was talking to my friend a sales lady at one of my favorite consignment shops who has been refinishing furniture for way longer than me and she agrees that good ol’ flat paint is just as easy to distress then any of these fancy expensive chalk paints. I don’t have any issues, so not really sure what all the fuss is about this chalk paint, so I may just have to try it out! So stay tuned :)! 

Lastly, I slapped a coat of polyurethane on the top so that it doesn’t get “scuffed” up. Hope you guys enjoy!





Amanda Andy


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DIY Fabric Linen Table

Hey Guys!!!

Long time no talk! Sorry I haven’t posted in a few weeks (! ah!) but I have been working hardcore on the renovation upstairs! I am SO close to being done, I cannot wait!!!! It has been a longer process than I anticipated two months ago when I ripped down all that paneling but I am almost DONE! That way I can attack all the furniture I am itching to refinish!! I found an AWESOME old antique dresser for our master, which I am going to use my new DIY chalk paint recipe, so await future posts on that! I am very much looking forward to being done with RENOVATION and start furniture refinishing. I have been hoarding a ton of new pieces that I find now and then at my favorite consignment shops, so I have a lot of projects awaiting me! I just need THE TIME!

Today was a snow day! So being forced inside with not enough materials to work upstairs, gave me a great excuse to try out this new project I’ve been dying to do! Refinishing a piece of furniture with fabric! I luckily had all the materials hanging around! Remember when I told you guys to always buy wrapping paper if you liked the design, well do the same with fabric! Doesn’t matter if it’s a curtain, table cloth, table runner, shower curtain, etc…my motto is if you like the design, buy it! You will always find something to do with it later on! I have a whole drawer full of different fabrics that I have found that I hold onto. I had recently found this one panel window curtain on clearance and loved the neutral light linen design so obviously I bought it. Perfect for this project! *Which isn’t totally finished but I haven’t posted in so long and the weather didn’t permit me to get the finishing piece, so I posted this project anyways!

I have to give a shout out to this awesome blogger who inspired me to do this project. Her table came out GREAT! 

What you need to refinish a table with fabric:

  1. Table or dresser
  2. fabric
  3. scissors
  4. water based polyurethane
  5. bristle brush
  6. razor blade
  7. wax if you want
  8. tape measurer
  9. pencil
  10. IRON!

As usual (hehe) I had this piece that was left by the previous home owner ImageImageImage

I wiped it down with my all time favorite windex and got started! I first measured the width and length of the top. I wanted to use one large piece to wrap around all the edges so I measured it that way. ADD 2 inches extra if you have a lot of fabric, you can always cut away the excess! *TIP* I had one large piece of fabric for the top and sides and then seperate pieces for the legs. Image

After you have cut your first piece of fabric, use your bristle brush and brush on the polyurethane to where you will be applying the fabric. After you have brushed on the polyurethane, place the fabric smoothly on the wet polyurethane. Take your HOT iron and iron the fabric onto the table. The heat of the iron is what adheres the fabric onto the polyurethane making it essentially be “glued” to the furniture. 


Because I placed such a large piece of fabric to cover essentially the entire table, I polyurethaned and ironed in sections. I also tucked the fabric real tight to get the edges to look nice as I ironed. When I got to the corners I had some trouble. I probably would do it differently next time, and this piece isn’t perfect but I’m still happy for my first time! 

The corners you have to cut and fold, to get a nice “miter” cut look. This is what is supposed to happen. I couldn’t get this to happen so I basically fiddled around with it until I liked how the corners look. Image (sorry for bad quality)ImageImage


Once the top was all nice and snug and ironed on..I measured each leg and finished the legs. *TIP: Don’t rush and cut the leg fabric pieces too short (like I did) because then it won’t look right, and you’ll have to add little pieces to each bottom of the legs.

It’s pretty tedious but the final project is well worth it! I am going to add nail heads to the edges as well but the lovely snow storm delayed me from leaving the house to pick them up! So I will add an updated picture and mini tutorial on how to add the nail heads!

*You can also polyurethane the top of the fabric once it’s adhered to the furniture to add more “sturdyness” to the fabric and once that’s dry add furniture wax to the top of the that. I didn’t do that yet, I’m nervous it’ll darken the fabric and I love the “light” look of this fabric!ImageImageImageImageImageImage

Stay warm in this weather for my east coast readers 🙂


Amanda Andy



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DIY Headboard (fabric panel wall)

Hey Guys!

I have to give you guys a sneak peak of the headboard I made for our master room today! I know I should probably wait until the bed is in and I can “accessorize” for the photos, but I have to show you because I completely just made it all up and it came out exactly how I envisioned, if not better!!!

The walls are slanted in the rooms upstairs so having a regular headboard wouldn’t would make the bed be out a few inches from the wall and would look “off”. I have been eyeing the tufted upholstered headboards in Pottery Barn and Pier 1…and was thinking of how I could make it work in our soon to be master room. And of course..I wanted to make it. So instead of making a stand alone headboard, I thought why not make the entire wall a headboard? Staple some fabric to it and voila’. And basically that’s what I did!!!

First I went to Joann Fabrics and bought some “bating” to make the headboard “puffy” on the wall. It was SO expensive and the woman didn’t help me measure correctly and when I went to start my project there wasn’t enough.  I was pissed. But then I thought I should just go with my original plan and use a Queen size egg crate, which I bought from K Mart. I measured how wide our existing Queen bed is and then I measured how wide and long I wanted the headboard to be. I marked that all on the wall. I then measured my egg crate and cut it to correct size. I nailed that up to the wall. I had to use thicker nails because otherwise the small nails went right through the egg crate. (obviously…?) 


Once the egg crate was secured to the wall I measured out my material that I had bought from JoAnn Fabrics the same day I had bought the bating. I originally was determined to get a navy pattern but when I couldn’t find that exact pattern or color anywhere and the closest to it was a lot of mula’, my sister convinced me to spend less money & go with this beautiful pattern. Since I was totally just winging’ this project on my own and wasn’t sure if it would work out, that was a great idea. I also ended up LOVING how the pattern looked with the molding at the end and now I won’t feel so guilty when in a year I’m tired of it and want to change it out!…Anyways, I cut the fabric’s width 2in longer on each side of the egg crate. I had to cut it in two pieces because of how they sell it…but I fudge’d it and I don’t think you can see the seam so much. I also didn’t pull the fabric tight, I left some wiggle room because that’s how you get the tufting look. **TIP: If you have patience and want to sew the seams together, that’d probably look even better..but I am not one with patience.I also didn’t pull the fabric tight, I left some wiggle room because that’s how you get the tufting look.ImageImage


Now was the most tedious part. I wanted to use molding on the outside to frame out the headboard. I am getting better at miter cuts, and these cuts are the easiest. I had some molding laying around from the hallway ceiling molding I’m currently doing. I measured the top length first and did the cuts and when I went to test hang it, I cut it two short. Dang. I remeasured and recut. Each cut is a 45* miter cut. I used a miter box & saw. Easy breezy. I also pencil how the cut should be, before I cut it…that way I can envision the cut and make sure I’m using the right angle as I’m sawing. I measured both side lengths and again cut them and used a 45* angle, but now it’s opposite so it fits nicely with the other cut. **SEE PIC I didn’t nail them up but I layed them on the floor and made sure the cuts were lining up. ImageImage

I then brought them down to the basement and sprayed them with my favorite metallic gold spray paint!

While they were drying I had to do the second most tedious part, glue the fabric onto the buttons for the tufting.I didn’t use actual buttons, I have no idea what these are but I liked that they had a nail attached to them so I could nail them in and they’d tuft that way. Image

I have no idea if I did this right, I just cut some fabric and glued it to those “furniture gliders”. (I think the go on the bottom of chairs…to each their own!)

By the time I was done with doing all the buttons, the molding was dry. I nailed it onto the headboard…this also I fudge’d (what else is new). I was having a lot of difficulty getting the fabric to stay under the molding & the molding to stay flush against the wall..but after a lot of nails and cursing, it’s staying put. ImageImage

I realized that I needed a to extend the molding down where the slanted wall meets the straight wall (the beadboard). I measured and sawed those pieces & sprayed them. While those were drying I hammered in the buttons with nails because the actual buttons weren’t strong enough for the egg crate-they kept popping out….so the nails next to them helped them stay & “tuft”. You really can’t see the tufting in the picture because the fabric is the same material, but in person you really can see!!! I quickly nailed up the bottom molding and it’s DONE!!! Just waiting for the ceiling molding and floors to be finished and then the bed will be up there! I got way too excited and wanted to share this diy project with you guys before I did the FINISHING touches! I have to paint over the nail holes & the molding seams (the one sided molding cracked so I have to spackle and paint that too)..but you guys get the gist’ of what the finished project will look like 🙂 !!!! ImageImageImageImage


**I got nail heads to put along the edge as well, but now I think it will take away from the pretty molding, what do you guys think?? Nail heads or no? Thanks! As always, LOVE to hear your feedback!


Amanda Andy


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Chair redo with glazing

Hey Guys!

Sorry I haven’t posted in awhile! I am working like crazy on the upstairs renovation and it’s finally paying off! I am starting to finally see some progress of what it’s going to look like when its done :)!!! For those of you who have been following, the master room is ALMOST done! I am so excited! It’s so much more fun to do now that I can SEE the progress. It’s gets rough when hours after hours you do all that work and feel like you’re not getting anywhere! Stay tuned for the master reveal :)!

I haven’t been doing much work on any furniture because of the upstairs, but I do keep stumbling upon some great pieces! I just found an awesome piece at my favorite consignment store that I just HAVE to ( wink wink) check in on once a week. This piece was cheap and perfect size for my upcoming DIY sink vanity project so I obviously had to buy it **STAY TUNED! There was also an awesome antique armoire that needed some TLC and was dirt cheap, even my 2yr old niece wanted me to buy it. But right now I have no where to put it….so no lovin’ from me. This is why I need my own store so then I can buy all these pieces! Ha!

I was waiting for the paint to dry upstairs and was wondering around my basement wanting a quick project. I remembered I had this old chair I got from a garage sale when we first moved here. It was $5! I went to ALL 100 of my paint samples (I’m very indecisive when choosing paint) and grabbed a fun purple color I’ve been dying to test out. I also have been dying to try some glazing and had bought some antique glaze from lowes awhile back. So painting I went!ImageImageImage


The chair cushion came right off so I tossed that to the side until I was done painting. I sanded the whole chair down lightly with sandpaper before I got started to “rough” up the chair so the paint would stick. I then gave it two coats of paint. Image


After the second coat I grabbed my antique glaze. I brushed it on thickly to where the detail is and then wiped it off with a cloth. I didn’t want it too dark since this is the first time I was using it. It definitely makes the detail on the back of the chair stand out!

I also had some stored fabric from a table cloth that I loved (remember anytime you see a pattern you love it doesn’t matter if its a curtain, shower curtain, table runner..keep it because you never know when you can use it)! I stapled it onto the chair (by wrapping the fabric on the cushion and tucking it under it and stapling it under the cushion). It’s a really cute small piece. I’ll probably stick it in the hallway upstairs when it’s all finished. Or I could sell it if anyone is interested :).



Amanda Andy


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DIY Wood Pallet Sign

Hey Guys!

Hope you all enjoyed your weekend. I’ve had these wood pallets for awhile now sitting in my garage and I needed a much needed break from renovating upstairs, so I decided to do a quick Sunday afternoon project while my husband worked out! **Upstairs Renovation Update-I am at a standstill. I have to do the molding….and I just cannot for the life of me figure out the cuts. I also think I’m a tad burnt out from doing most of the renovation myself. . After a lot of cursing and ruining a lot of molding, I took a step away. I stared at the trim for two hours trying to wrap my mind around “angle cuts”. I can do a lot of DIY but this one is really stumping me! So if any of you DIY’ers have any tips, PLEASE share! My awesome dad’s coming over to give me some tips as well so hopefully I’ll figure it out sooner or later, because I have A LOT of molding to do…aka the entire upstairs & the chair rail for the beadboard. Awesome! Good luck to me!

Anyways…my neighbor had taken their fence down so to my husband’s horror I obviously drove by & grabbed a bunch of his beautiful wood pallets that are already beautifully naturally distressed. :). I have A TON of ideas of great things to do with these, but sadly I only grabbed a few because I was rushing hoping my new neighbors wouldn’t think I’m nuts.

I LOVE quotes, SO i decided to do a fun wood pallet sign I see in all the stores for so much money.

I first pulled out all the nailsImageImage

I then decided how many boards I wanted. I LOVE rustic natural distressed look so I didn’t even have to touch these! After all the nails were out I used my awesome circular saw that I’m getting so handy at and sawed off the top points. Sometimes the signs look cute to keep these and **HEADBOARDS (great idea must I say…stay tuned!) but I wasn’t going for that look.Image

**TIP always saw anything with the back side up, because sometimes the saw breaks off some of the wood you’re working with …that way it’ll be on the back so it won’t show! 

After the points were sawed off I sawed an extra piece of pallet in half & used that to hold all the pieces together on the backside ImageImage

I nailed the halved pallet to the back onto each piece making sure I didn’t nail through to the front 

Once it was all nailed together I got out my stencils from AC Moore (always use a 50% off coupon). I have a ton of sample paints and decided I wanted to use a very light yellow that I had. **It’s great to always keep your sample paints, you never know when you’re going to use them. Also, if you have a certain color in mind & don’t have it around the house, just buy it in a sample size…which will be more than plenty and only $2.50!

I mapped out how I wanted the quote to look in my head…and just went ahead and painted each letter stencil. It’s not really a science! And I didn’t want a “perfect” look so if it was crooked that was fine to me!


Now I just have to find the perfect spot for it. 

Hope you find some great pallets from the curb to make these 🙂 (They’re also only about $1-2 at lowes).


Amanda Andy


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Bar Redo

Hey Guys!

Love finding old stuff and restoring it…there’s no greater feeling. The previous owner of our house had left a beat up old butcher block wood piece in the basement. It had cobwebs and all on it. I pulled it out of its hiding place in the basement and noticed it actually had a lot of potential and was pretty rustic looking! So sanding I went….(I unfortunately don’t have a before pic but try to envision a cobwebby old wooden piece).

I sanded the top of the piece with 100 grit sandpaper with my electric sander. I skimmed over the rest of the piece lightly with 100grit sandpaper by hand. I wiped it all down with a VERY LIGHTLY DAMP cloth. I grabbed some old antique white paint I had and gave the bottom two coats of that. I stained the top with my favorite stain I use for everything..and if you read my posts you know I really mean EVERYTHING. I gave it two coats with the stain. When the paint was dry on the bottom I scuffed the doors up with 180grit sandpaper to make it look “distressed”. You only have to do this VERY LIGHTLY otherwise it won’t look authentic. I had some cute flower knobs for the handles that would add to the “shabby chicness” I so love.  I left the top alone and so far it has been fine. I host a lot of “get together’s” and spills have not stained it, but again if you’re nervous of that you can either wax & polyurethane it or just polyurethane. I like minwax brand for both.

I have changed up the look A LOT as I feel..especially with the holidays. It’s a lot of fun to have a mini bar for the dining room! It was just calling my name because the size was perfect for the extra space I needed to fill :). 




Amanda Andy

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Beadboard Wallpaper Post 1

Hi guys!

I haven’t been able to do much with furniture these days because as you know from my other posts, I’ve been saying I’m renovating my upstairs. The entire upstairs. So in between spackling, sanding, painting, and more spackling….I finish small little projects. Right now I have a chair I scored from a garage sale this past summer drying from two coats of paint…I’m going to glaze it tomorrow so stay tuned! (love glazing!)

My upstairs walls are a MESS. I ripped the 70’s wood paneling down and was left with drywall with large black glue spots all over it. ImageImage

(we also knocked some walls down and built a wall to make two rooms)

After A LOT of thought and failures (hated how textured paint came out) I decided I wanted to do bead board. After reading some other great blog posts I decided to go with the bead board wallpaper since it was just me doing this project and regular bead boards are hard to cut and handle by yourself.  Shout out to this blog for helpful hints!

Before I could start the wallpaper process I had to smooth down the black glue marks (they were very raised and bumpy). I read that the wallpaper hid a lot of damaged walls but still needed to go onto a somewhat smooth surface because it will show bumps **and it does so make sure you smooth your wall down as much as possible!!! I first started with the “small room” upstairs. I spackled all the black marks and then sanded the spackle with a drywall hand sander. **TIP I didn’t sand or spackle as well as I should have in the small room, so I learned in this room and did MUCH better in the master’s room. You have to learn somehow! Luckily it didn’t come out too bad so I can keep it and furniture will probably be hiding the spots where the bumps really show.

Once all the spackle was nice and smooth, I primed the walls with wallpaper primer. It’s a clear gloss and dries in an hour!ImageImage

While the primer was drying I gathered all my tools. What you need:



utility knife


ruler or measuring tape


wallpaper smoother

seam roller

trim guide (straight edge for smoothing wallpaper)

First decide how high you want the bead board to go. Our top walls are slanted (kind of like a cape cod house) so I wanted my bead board to go up to where the slant starts. Mark a line around the perimeter of the room for the height of the bead board. Measure the height from the line to the floor and add 2 inches (you can ALWAYS cut the excess, but you don’t want to be too short, that’d be a waste of paper)! **add more than 2 inches if you are nervous you’ll be short Turn the wallpaper upside down and cut your measurement. **Use that piece to cut ALL the other pieces if it’s going to be the same height throughout the room. You do this because after you cut a few you start to get tired and may not cut it the same height, just an easy thing to do. **TIP A great save timing method is to cut all the pieces before hand. Image

For this wallpaper it was pre pasted so I only needed to hold it under the shower for 30 seconds and let the glue “set” for 5 minutes (folding the paper in half allows the glue to set).Image

When you hang your first piece on the wall you MUST use the level to make sure that piece is level, otherwise it’s going to be crooked!! Fit it against the wall and before you smooth it check to make sure it’s level. Image

Once it’s level, use your smoother to smooth the air bubbles out and adhere the paper to the wall. While you’re smoothing you can wipe away the excess glue that seeps out. Once you’re happy with it being smoothly on the wall use the seam roller along the seams, going up and down at least 2-3 times. Again, wipe away any excess glue with the sponge. **TIP let the wallpaper dry for 24hrs before cutting the excess trim off on the bottom..If you do it while it’s wet, it may get slimy & rip the wallpaper-remember it’s not like normal wall paper, it’s kind of foamy.Image

When you come upon an outlet, you want to put tape over the outlet so you don’t ruin it with glue. Then place your paper over it and once you smooth it on, you can use the utility knife to cut the box around the outlet.Image

I also had a lot of wires coming out of the walls for phones and such so I just simply cut a slit down from the hole of the wire and then pulled the wire through and pushed the seams back together using the smoother & seam roller.Image

When all the wallpaper was up I put on two coats of Valspar Satin White. It looks just like real bead board!

The small room has A LOT OF bumps but the master looks great. I CANNOT WAIT to add the chair trim. I just have to finish up the top of the wall…which I’m doing textured paint able wallpaper to! And it’s looking great 🙂 Slowly but surely the upstairs will be live able sooner or later! Stay tuned for the chair trim 🙂 ImageImageImage

I’ll post soon on the TEXTURED PAINTABLE WALLPAPER I used for the top half of the wall & then the final touches like the chair trim & ceiling molding. Good luck to me with the saw & miter cuts. As always I LOVE to hear feedback so let me know what you think & any questions! 🙂


Amanda Andy

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