Table, Chair, and Hutch Refinished

Hi Dudes!

Hope you are all ready & gearing up for Thanksgiving! After that it’s go time for all Christmas everything! Yay! I’m a huge Christmas addict.

I recently refinished a table/hutch/and chairs for a gal in my area.  She wanted to take away the very “cottage” look and have more of a rustic/distressed look. These pieces were made by her grandfather which I thought was awesome! I love working with old pieces. It also made me a tad nervous-don’t want to screw up gramps’ stuff!

Here’s a before pic:

tasha client 1 tasha client 2 tasha client 3

I had her pick out the paint colors she wanted. She was striving for a sage for the table legs/hutch, wanted the top of the table stained, and chairs painted 3 different colors-everything distressed, obviously.

I started on the top of the table, sanding through layers of old paint is not my absolute favorite thing to do.  I enjoy it but then get ansty when it’s taking awhile (which is always-when sanding down old pieces that have been painted more than once). I used my handy dandy new ryobi sander and 80 grit paper for most of it. Luckily, the hubby came out to help too!

tasha client 4 tasha client 5 tasha client 6 tasha client 8


*TIP* Add a little mineral spirits to the table, wait 15 minutes (or what the instructions say) and then sand the piece. This speeds up the process GREATLY.

Next, I painted the chairs each a different coat of the colors she picked out. All the paint was in FLAT (this is easier to sand and gives it more of a rustic/distressed finished look). I then grabbed my ryobi sander and sanded each chair. A Problem I ran into was that all the pieces were made out of pine wood. SO that means when sanded, the wood was light. I knew she was going for the dark distressed look, so I stained each spot that was sanded.

tasha client 11 tasha client 10 tasha client 9 tasha client 17


Next, I stained the top of the piece with my favorite Early American stain by Minwax. Just one coat. I then sanded down the edge to give it a “used” look. I then put a coat of Minwax Wax on top to protect from drinks being spilt and such. I love the wax as a finish because it doesn’t give such a finished look, like polyurethane does.

I also painted the trim that was on the top of the table, because it was not going to be able to be sanded down without ruining the pretty carving. The sander would ruin the original work carved on. I knew this would look awesome and unique once sanded and stained.

tasha client 16 tasha client 20 tasha client 15 tasha client 28 tasha client 23 tasha client 21

Then I painted the legs of the table. Same thing, with my ryobi sander I distressed them and then stained the distressed spots. It really gave it a weathered/rustic look.

tasha client 26 tasha client 27

Last, I painted the hutch. It was almost the same color that she originally had painted it but was a little more “sagey” and lighter. I took all of the original hardware off. She wanted to put new hardware on, so I filled the holes with stainable/paintable wood filler. After the hutch was dry, I sanded it down and stained the sanded spots. I think it came out awesome!

tasha client 25 tasha client 24 tasha client 22 tasha client 14 tasha client 12

I hope you guys got some tips on distressing pieces! I had a blast refinishing her grandpa’s pieces, thanks Tasha!

tasha client 30 tasha client 32 tasha client 35


Amanda Andy


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I'm a city nurse trying to kick pediatric cancer's ass while taking my frustrations out on furniture & house reno in the suburbs. I also renovate anything that I possibly can get my hands on. From knocking down ceilings & walls to building new kitchens and walls and painting any piece of furniture I find...I'm trying to learn how to do it all. My husband thinks I'm nuts, but there's no other way I'd like it :). I hope you enjoy reading my journey to HGTV stardom' (ha my dreams)!
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  1. I love the shape of those chair!


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