Reupholstered Leather Headboard and Footboard

Hi Dudes!

Hope you’re all getting your stretch pants out and stomachs ready for eating all that turkey and stuffing!!! Although, I think I love the side dishes more than the actual turkey, call me crazy! :).

I wanted to show you a project I did for my friend, Jenn over the summer. She bought a beautiful huge house in the country (well it’s the country to me!!!). Jenn has so many beautiful pieces that she is refinishing and I felt so honored she asked for my help in refinishing her leather and wood headboard/footboard/frame. PLUS, she’s an artist and so cool ;). Jenn’s very creative on her own but was “stumped” on what to do with the leather squares on her headboard. Jenn and I have the similar love for all things shabby/chic/rustic, so I knew I’d love to work on it with her!

Here is a before picture:

headboard 1


Unfortunately the leather pieces did not pop out. So, I had to get creative. I brought my handy dandy tool box and stapler. (I left my air compressor and staple gun home-felt that was overkill, damn).

First, I told Jenn to paint the entire frame before we got started. She used a flat white paint (her husband works for Sherwin Williams-score).

After staring at the leather for a little while I decided to try tucking the fabric in and stapling. (yes, that simple) Jenn had gotten a bunch of linen colored fabric from Joann’s Frabrics. I had her cut out an inch larger than the leather square on all 4 sides. We also used two pieces of fabric for each square, since the leather was so dark we didn’t want it to show through.

headboard 2

I just tucked the fabric in between the wood and the leather and stapled. Surprisingly, most of the staples you can’t see! Couldn’t believe it was that simple. We had trim we were going to add at the end, for the edge to cover the staples. We ended up not even using it because it looked so awesome without it. I’d say it took me about 2 hours to secure all the pieces to the leather and make sure the staples were hidden well.

headboard 5 headboard 6

It was really coming together! I wanted to tuft it as well. I took some buttons that Jenn had bought and just threaded them into the linen, snagging some of the leather to make it secure and pulled really tight,giving it that tufted look. This worked out great. We decided to just do one button in the center of each upholstered piece!

headboard 8 headboard 9 (sorry for the blurry pictures, I didn’t bring my good camera-all camera phone pics)

Lastly, we obviously had to distress it! We grabbed 80 – 100 grit sandpaper and sanded all the edges to give it that real shabby-chic distressed look. It looked awesome, since the original wood underneath was so dark. I LOVE LOVE LOVE how it came out and I hope Jenn does too.

headboard 10 headboard 11 headboard 13 headboard 15 headboard 16headboard 3


Amanda Andy




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I'm a city nurse trying to kick pediatric cancer's ass while taking my frustrations out on furniture & house reno in the suburbs. I also renovate anything that I possibly can get my hands on. From knocking down ceilings & walls to building new kitchens and walls and painting any piece of furniture I find...I'm trying to learn how to do it all. My husband thinks I'm nuts, but there's no other way I'd like it :). I hope you enjoy reading my journey to HGTV stardom' (ha my dreams)!
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