Crazy tiny Bathroom Reno

Hey Guys!!!

I still owe all you guys a finalized blog post of my upstairs. I have slowly been furnishing it and finishing little things that needed to be finished. But mostly ONE YEAR LATER I have finished the bathroom upstairs. Yes. It’s been a year! I was taking my time because I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. But I think I aced my vision.

Here is the ONLY pic I have of the bathroom! Sorry!! But you get the point. Black and White wallpaper all over, black floor, black beams, black toilet. Ugly sink vanity & mirror.


After I finished the upstairs (stay tuned because I’m going to post a reveal) I started in on this bathroom. It is the smallest bathroom that has ever been invented in my opinion, especially for two very tall adults, but it works! I’m not high maintenance (ha!). The shower was surprisingly in very good shape with white tiles and a glass door. I wanted to redo that as well with grey subway glass tiles, but after a lot of persuasion from the hubby & friends, I let it be. AKA in a few months I’ll tackle that too!

I ripped the tile up & all the wallpaper off. Painted the black beams white. Wallpapered the walls and put in new cute white tile for the floor! Added trim for around the bottom base of the wall and around the door!

bath 2

I then worked on a new sink vanity! Materials needed:

  • 1-1×6 pine wood @ 12ft (Buy the length you want your sink! So if you want the length to be 3 feet you only need ONE  12 footer)
  • 1-2×4  @ 12 ft ( I wanted my height 32in)
  • 1-1×4 @ 12 ft
  • Stain
  • white paint
  • circular saw
  • kreg jig
  • 2 in kreg jig screws
  • 1 in kreg jig screws
  • hole saw
  • drill

I knew I wanted a sink vanity that had room on the right and left of the sink to put stuff. Since the bathroom is so small I wanted this it act as a shelf as well. I based my measurements off of this. Also, note where the water hookups are when measuring!


  1. Cut 3- 1×6 to 43in (TOP).
  2. Cut 4 2×4 to 32in. (LEGS) 
  3. Cut 2- 1×4 @ 38 in. (FRONT/BACK SIDE)
  4.  Cut 2- 1×4 @ 14.5in (RIGHT/LEFT SIDE)
  5. I painted the legs and sides white and let those dry overnight.
  6. I stained the top with canyon brown exterior stain I had leftover from when we stained our deck! That way I knew that the stain is waterproof-if you drop water on it, it bubbles and slides off, rather than sinking into the wood. (Another way you can do this is to use regular stain and then do a waterproof sealer on top of that. I will eventually add the waterproof sealer.)
  7. After the stain was dry, I kreg jigged the top pieces together.
  8. I used my kreg jig to make a rectangle “box” of the side pieces and then kreg jigged those to the top. (sorry no pictures)
  9. I borrowed my brother in law’s hole saw and drilled a hole a little larger than the drain hole of the sink bowl. Unfortunately, he didn’t have a hole saw big enough so I had to fudge this and play around with getting it big enough. You don’t want it TOO much bigger, but big enough that that sink drain fits in snugly.
  10. I used the hole saw to make a hole for the faucet as well. (again sorry not pic’s!)
  11. I kreg jigged the legs into the top and sides of the top/rectangle box. *here you want to use 1in kreg jig screws*
  12. I placed the sink bowl and faucet on top and my handy dandy husband hooked it up for me!! And Voila’!!

I made shelves, similarly to the ones I made for the kitchen, to match the top of the vanity.

bath 7IMG_6662



bath 15 bath 16 bath 11IMG_6656 IMG_6661 IMG_6664 IMG_6666


Amanda Andy



About Amanda Andy Sudol

I'm a city nurse trying to kick pediatric cancer's ass while taking my frustrations out on furniture & house reno in the suburbs. I also renovate anything that I possibly can get my hands on. From knocking down ceilings & walls to building new kitchens and walls and painting any piece of furniture I find...I'm trying to learn how to do it all. My husband thinks I'm nuts, but there's no other way I'd like it :). I hope you enjoy reading my journey to HGTV stardom' (ha my dreams)!
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