Reupholstered Ottoman

Hey Guys!

I had one of my first clients! She asked me to reupholster her ottoman! I am loving having this little teeny tiny side business! I really hope to one day have my own shop in town, we’ll see! Which reminds me, if you are interested in my pieces and don’t have the time to use my instructions to make your own pieces, I opened an Etsy Account! Check it out, it’s called ReLoveByAndy. I’m slowly adding pieces to it!

Anyway the ottoman!

She dropped it off, it was a great size! After sending her a bunch of sample pics of material, she picked out the material she liked and I was ready to go!

IMG_6590 IMG_6593

I first carefully removed the fabric. I took each button off by cutting the stitching that attached the buttons to the fabric. I kept the batting attached to the ottoman, because it was in great shape! IF it’s a very dated piece, sometimes it’s best to remove the batting and place new on, but if it’s in fine condition-absolutely no reason to remove it!IMG_6594 IMG_6596

Next I measured the width and length of the ottoman. I cut the material 2in longer than the measurements, just in case. Can always trim the excess. I placed the material on the ottoman and made sure it was on evenly. I pulled it very tight and used my staple gun to attach the fabric deep along the seam near the wood so you wouldn’t see the staples. Some ottomans are easier because you can just staple the fabric under the ottoman but this had wood trim around it, so that made it a little more tricky. **TIP** When stapling make sure that the material is snug.

IMG_6598 IMG_6600

 I made the corners similar to “making a hospital bed”. Haha. I am a nurse, so sorry. I tucked the fabric in and then overlapped it. It’s very hard to explain….pictures will show you. I stapled that nice and tight as well. I went around the entire ottoman.IMG_6603 IMG_6604 IMG_6605

The staples were pretty much hidden, but I wanted to add a final touch of “trim”. I bought nailhead from ACMoore and added that to the bottom, where the staples were. And it was done! I hope she liked it :).OTTOMAN OTTOMAN1 OTTOMAN3 OTTOMAN5 OTTOMAN6z



Amanda Andy


About Amanda Andy Sudol

I'm a city nurse trying to kick pediatric cancer's ass while taking my frustrations out on furniture & house reno in the suburbs. I also renovate anything that I possibly can get my hands on. From knocking down ceilings & walls to building new kitchens and walls and painting any piece of furniture I find...I'm trying to learn how to do it all. My husband thinks I'm nuts, but there's no other way I'd like it :). I hope you enjoy reading my journey to HGTV stardom' (ha my dreams)!
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