DIY Headboard (fabric panel wall)

Hey Guys!

I have to give you guys a sneak peak of the headboard I made for our master room today! I know I should probably wait until the bed is in and I can “accessorize” for the photos, but I have to show you because I completely just made it all up and it came out exactly how I envisioned, if not better!!!

The walls are slanted in the rooms upstairs so having a regular headboard wouldn’t would make the bed be out a few inches from the wall and would look “off”. I have been eyeing the tufted upholstered headboards in Pottery Barn and Pier 1…and was thinking of how I could make it work in our soon to be master room. And of course..I wanted to make it. So instead of making a stand alone headboard, I thought why not make the entire wall a headboard? Staple some fabric to it and voila’. And basically that’s what I did!!!

First I went to Joann Fabrics and bought some “bating” to make the headboard “puffy” on the wall. It was SO expensive and the woman didn’t help me measure correctly and when I went to start my project there wasn’t enough.  I was pissed. But then I thought I should just go with my original plan and use a Queen size egg crate, which I bought from K Mart. I measured how wide our existing Queen bed is and then I measured how wide and long I wanted the headboard to be. I marked that all on the wall. I then measured my egg crate and cut it to correct size. I nailed that up to the wall. I had to use thicker nails because otherwise the small nails went right through the egg crate. (obviously…?) 


Once the egg crate was secured to the wall I measured out my material that I had bought from JoAnn Fabrics the same day I had bought the bating. I originally was determined to get a navy pattern but when I couldn’t find that exact pattern or color anywhere and the closest to it was a lot of mula’, my sister convinced me to spend less money & go with this beautiful pattern. Since I was totally just winging’ this project on my own and wasn’t sure if it would work out, that was a great idea. I also ended up LOVING how the pattern looked with the molding at the end and now I won’t feel so guilty when in a year I’m tired of it and want to change it out!…Anyways, I cut the fabric’s width 2in longer on each side of the egg crate. I had to cut it in two pieces because of how they sell it…but I fudge’d it and I don’t think you can see the seam so much. I also didn’t pull the fabric tight, I left some wiggle room because that’s how you get the tufting look. **TIP: If you have patience and want to sew the seams together, that’d probably look even better..but I am not one with patience.I also didn’t pull the fabric tight, I left some wiggle room because that’s how you get the tufting look.ImageImage


Now was the most tedious part. I wanted to use molding on the outside to frame out the headboard. I am getting better at miter cuts, and these cuts are the easiest. I had some molding laying around from the hallway ceiling molding I’m currently doing. I measured the top length first and did the cuts and when I went to test hang it, I cut it two short. Dang. I remeasured and recut. Each cut is a 45* miter cut. I used a miter box & saw. Easy breezy. I also pencil how the cut should be, before I cut it…that way I can envision the cut and make sure I’m using the right angle as I’m sawing. I measured both side lengths and again cut them and used a 45* angle, but now it’s opposite so it fits nicely with the other cut. **SEE PIC I didn’t nail them up but I layed them on the floor and made sure the cuts were lining up. ImageImage

I then brought them down to the basement and sprayed them with my favorite metallic gold spray paint!

While they were drying I had to do the second most tedious part, glue the fabric onto the buttons for the tufting.I didn’t use actual buttons, I have no idea what these are but I liked that they had a nail attached to them so I could nail them in and they’d tuft that way. Image

I have no idea if I did this right, I just cut some fabric and glued it to those “furniture gliders”. (I think the go on the bottom of chairs…to each their own!)

By the time I was done with doing all the buttons, the molding was dry. I nailed it onto the headboard…this also I fudge’d (what else is new). I was having a lot of difficulty getting the fabric to stay under the molding & the molding to stay flush against the wall..but after a lot of nails and cursing, it’s staying put. ImageImage

I realized that I needed a to extend the molding down where the slanted wall meets the straight wall (the beadboard). I measured and sawed those pieces & sprayed them. While those were drying I hammered in the buttons with nails because the actual buttons weren’t strong enough for the egg crate-they kept popping out….so the nails next to them helped them stay & “tuft”. You really can’t see the tufting in the picture because the fabric is the same material, but in person you really can see!!! I quickly nailed up the bottom molding and it’s DONE!!! Just waiting for the ceiling molding and floors to be finished and then the bed will be up there! I got way too excited and wanted to share this diy project with you guys before I did the FINISHING touches! I have to paint over the nail holes & the molding seams (the one sided molding cracked so I have to spackle and paint that too)..but you guys get the gist’ of what the finished project will look like 🙂 !!!! ImageImageImageImage


**I got nail heads to put along the edge as well, but now I think it will take away from the pretty molding, what do you guys think?? Nail heads or no? Thanks! As always, LOVE to hear your feedback!


Amanda Andy



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I'm a city nurse trying to kick pediatric cancer's ass while taking my frustrations out on furniture & house reno in the suburbs. I also renovate anything that I possibly can get my hands on. From knocking down ceilings & walls to building new kitchens and walls and painting any piece of furniture I find...I'm trying to learn how to do it all. My husband thinks I'm nuts, but there's no other way I'd like it :). I hope you enjoy reading my journey to HGTV stardom' (ha my dreams)!
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